As one of a few select financial services firms credentialed to design and place qualified plans for both corporations and non-profit organizations, we are proud to offer our 
in-house expertise to firms across the state of Connecticut and beyond.

We believe that good employers attract and retain quality employees, and we are fortunate enough to serve both these groups with our financial advice and implementation services. At Northstar we provide a unique perspective an insight to the corporations and non-profits that choose use as their provider because we understand what’s at stake for senior management and employees at large.

In addition to our product selections, we lend our expertise through informational workshops and specialty seminars to organizations that are looking to further enhance and maximize the impact of the benefits they provide. The educational component of our relationship is provided as an added value, and can be customized to meet your unique needs and intentions. Whether you need a new qualified plan, benefits planning or simply a second opinion on the benefits you already have in place we stand ready to help.